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This is for real

I'm on a mission, I'm taking over everything

Friends Only:
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I'm making this journal
friends only
from now on.

Comment if you want adding.

group hug
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http://grouphug.us/random makes me realise everyone is just as fucked up as me, if not more.

art stuff
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Did some drawings for my drag queen project today:
(actually did some work - miracle! I'm probably one of the worst in the class for actually doing anything, once a procrastinator always a procrastinator)

Also. I love the work of Otto Dix. He was amazing.
His work from the New Objectivity movement is the stuff that interests me the most though.

I think this is my favouriteCollapse )
His work slightly scares me though, especially the sex murder one :/
but it is intriguing,


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